How are bad email addresses handled?

Sometimes there might be bad email addresses in your contact list. This could be because the email address is no longer valid, or there is a simple typographical error in the address.

Bad email addresses are NOT counted as a valid record in your account. For example, if you have the Pop-a-Starter package with up to 700 contacts and 25 records have bad email addresses, they will not count towards your 700 contact limit.

We can only determine if someone has a bad email address once a note is sent to that contact. If the note is returned as undeliverable, it is noted as “Bad Email Address” in the status for that contact. You can see the status for each contact in the “Contacts” section of your account.

The “Status” column for your contacts is sortable by clicking on the word “Status.” You can also see the bad email addresses from the “Reports” section. Click “Reports,” then “Unsubscribes.” Here you will be able to see any contacts that have bad email addresses, or those that may have unsubscribed.

If you realize there is a typographical error in an address or want to make a correction to the email address, you can edit the contact information under “Contacts.”