How many notes do I get?

Each month, Pop-a-Note users get five new professionally written notes to manually send to contacts. In addition, users can also automatically send notes every 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks for further exposure in your News Hub.

The topic of the Note is determined by clicking the Settings link in the top right of your account. You can also reach this area from the My Account > My settings button.

Select either Real Estate or Pop Culture topics, or a mixture of both, then click Save. Go to the Notes area and click “Pop-a-Note Now!” to select a note or even write your own. You can modify any note that you select and you can resend these notes to other groups.

If you prefer to “set it, and forget it,” you can elect to Auto Send Notes (again see Settings). Pop-a-Note will automatically select a note and send it out for you based on the topic, frequency, and group you select. You can not preview notes that are sent automatically; however, you can see stats like open rates in the Notes area after the Note has been sent.

Pop-a-Note is just one tool in your marketing belt. Remember the spirit of Pop-a-Note is to stay top-of-mind socially by keeping your name in front of the client without a heavy sales pitch or so frequently that the recipient wants to unsubscribe.